When you first start with a Facebook business page, it can be easy to treat it similarly to the way that you would treat your personal Facebook profile, but there are distinct differences that every business should know.

Facebook is more than just a tool for connection between customers and individuals, it is a serious marketing tool that many companies now use to advertise to millions of people, every day.

Your personal profile is your personal account on, which you can use to communicate with friends and family, share pictures and more. A business page, on the other hand, is strictly for your company or organisation.

Business pages are designed for sharing content, promoting specials, sharing contests and building a network of potential customers that are interested in these items from your company. While you can only have one personal profile under the Facebook terms of service, you can, if you wish, manage multiple business pages.

Under the Facebook terms of service, it’s extremely important that you not use your personal profile for sharing profitable content or without your personal name on it. Trying to advertise on a personal page could get your profile quickly banned and this would ruin all of the work that you may have done building a network. Building a business page can come with some huge advantages such as advanced analytics, little limitations on advertising and the ability to build up multiple pages for different businesses or departments you might have. Through Facebook insights, content scheduling, engaging content and a strategy for your Facebook marketing, you can succeed on a Facebook business page.

If you are treating your personal profile like a business page, keep in mind that this will not give you any type of advantage. Use a business page instead and you will have full use of all of the tools and restriction lifts that many large advertisers are using to grow their page content.

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