Why are Hashtags Important to your Business?

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Still not using hashtags in your businesses social media strategy? Time to rethink! It’s amazing how many businesses still aren’t utilising this free resource, including many business accounts on Instagram! Hashtags are a major part of social media business use today and can be used to pick out responses and content for major events, brands, […]

Facebook Personal Profile v Business Page

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When you first start with a Facebook business page, it can be easy to treat it similarly to the way that you would treat your personal Facebook profile, but there are distinct differences that every business should know.

Social Media – Seriously?

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It’s amazing that so many businesses still don’t take social media seriously, it must be one of the most cost-effective ways of reaching your online audience, with an array of platform choices and precisely targeted marketing options, it just makes sense. With around 80% of UK adults now owning a smartphone and around 42 million […]

2017 A Year in Review

2017 A Year in Review

As we draw to the close of 2017 and review the year, one thing that has really surprised me this year is that so many small to medium-sized business owners are saying their online channels aren’t working for them. They don’t recognise the power of having a solid online presence, they dismiss social media completely […]

The Benefits of Instagram For Business

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If you are running a business and adopting a social media strategy for advertising, you could be missing a huge market by ignoring Instagram. The popular image sharing social network, with around 800 million active monthly users (and growing), has become one of the largest new advertising platforms, with some overwhelming benefits for businesses, in […]

4 Advantages of Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing has quickly become one of the preferred options for any modern marketing effort. While many advertisers are still sticking to using newspapers and magazines, most modern advertisers are turning to the use of social media and leveraging this advertising strategy for vast degrees of success. Here are 4 advantages of using Facebook Marketing […]

Whatsapp Mishap! A Guest Blog About Social Media Policy

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Defamation, bullying, and offensive language designed to discredit an organisation and its people… It’s all happening on the internet. Social media tribunal cases are ten a penny. Time and time again, employees fail to foresee the consequences of what they’re posting online. Once it’s up there and available to the public, it no longer belongs […]

Social profiles, the fine balance between personal and professional

personal and professional profiles

If business is part of your everyday life, whether that be working for yourself, or part of a company, it is essential that your business social profiles have a strong online presence, and that your social media handles represent your company’s interests entirely. However, with the ever-accelerating advancements in social media, it is not just […]