Facebook Marketing has quickly become one of the preferred options for any modern marketing effort. While many advertisers are still sticking to using newspapers and magazines, most modern advertisers are turning to the use of social media and leveraging this advertising strategy for vast degrees of success.

Here are 4 advantages of using Facebook Marketing over traditional marketing practices:

Low cost of entry: traditional forms of advertising like newspaper spots, television ads and magazine articles can be very expensive to ascertain. A company might spend thousands of pounds just to run an advertising spot in their local paper or to get an article published in a trade magazine. Rather than spending all of this money, advertising on Facebook can be done on a sliding scale with the cost of a single advertising campaign starting at just a few pounds.

For instance, we ran a campaign for one of our clients recently for an item they wanted to raise awareness on. The ad ran for one month to a specific demographic, over that period it was seen by almost 30,000 people, with 996 interactions with the ad. The total cost of this ad was £50.

Targeted demographic: traditional advertising is meant for a much wider audience and is more of a scatter gun effect, so say a local paper has a circulation of say 10,000, there is actually no guarantee that your ad will be seen, let alone read, this kind of ad could cost you say £100, for one run and say £500 to £1,000 + in larger, national publications. However, Facebook offers precisely targeted advertising thanks to the huge amount of demographic data it collects from its users. Your ads can be focused and granular, helping you reach your target market with accuracy and minimal expense.

Improved online presence: every piece of advertising posted on a social network actually works towards search engine results too. As a result of this buildup of content, a business can start to see more success and engagement online from consistent advertising over social media.

It’s personal: building a brand on social media is much more personal than building a brand through other forms of advertising. A Facebook ad is a spectacular way that advertisers can connect with their customers and their customers can connect with them via comments and messages. This personal form of advertising ensures better customer service and greater word of mouth advertising.

Keep some of these advantages in mind next time you’re considering your advertising budget. For more information on how Facebook Marketing can work for your business, hit the blue speech bubble in the bottom right of your screen and get in touch.

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