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UK Consumers Embrace Digital Age

UK Consumers Embrace Digital Age

It is clear that UK consumers are embracing the digital age, with the role of online platforms and eCommerce becoming increasingly important in the customer journey.

The most recent Ofcom Online Nation Report 2022 reveals that UK adult internet users now spend up to four hours a day online. With 73% using a smartphone as their first choice to access the internet, followed by laptops and tablets.

Apps such as Meta’s Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp continue to be some of the most widely used platforms. While Google is still the most widely used search engine with around 98% of all UK searches made on its platform.

The report also shows that online sales accounted for £129 bn in revenue for the UK in 2021, up from £115 bn in 2020. Pre-pandemic the growth had been steady and consistent, climbing from £47 bn in 2015 to £78 bn in 2019.

The pandemic had a major impact on how businesses operate and engage with customers, with many having to quickly set up digital channels to ensure they could continue trading. 

For some businesses, this has been a great success and they have been able to integrate these new methods into their online strategy. However, for others, the transition to digital has been more challenging, with many reverting to their pre-pandemic ways. This has left customers feeling confused and let down by the lack of online customer service.

It is clear digital is now the way forward for businesses that want to succeed. To build a successful brand online, you need to have a good digital marketing strategy and meet your customers where they expect you to be, online!

Having an excellent online presence and digital strategy can help your business build its digital brand, give excellent customer service and generate additional revenue. 

*figures and statistics are taken from the Ofcom Online Nation Report 2022.

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