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How Can My Business Improve Cyber Security

How Can My Business Improve Cyber Security?

“How can my business improve cyber security?” This is a question that more and more small to medium-sized business owners are asking themselves. It underscores the importance of robust defences in today’s ever-evolving digital threat landscape.

Due to the nature of our business, it is not only important for us to ensure our systems and processes are secure, but we must also provide the same for our clients.

However, whilst we can provide secure WordPress web hosting and regular website maintenance to keep their website secure, we can’t always be sure that our client’s internal processes are as secure as they could be.

The only way we can do this is by talking to, understanding and educating our clients on how to improve and bolster their online security, to help mitigate the chances of them being stung by cybercriminals.

Working in the IT sector for three decades, I’ve witnessed first-hand the increase in cybercrime and the disruption and devastation that online security breaches can cause.

Partnering with the North West Cyber Resilience Centre (NWCRC) is a pivotal step in addressing this question by enhancing our cyber security offerings to protect our customers more effectively.

North West Cyber Resilience NWCRC Member

The Growing Need for Enhanced Cyber Security

In an era where digital operations are at the heart of business success, the sophistication of cyber threats continues to escalate. “How can my business improve cyber security?” is a question that reflects the urgency for advanced security measures.

Statistics reveal that cybercrime affects over 39% of businesses monthly, illustrating the critical need for effective cyber defence mechanisms​​.

Some businesses are lucky and can recover, others not so, and in the worst-case scenario, a significant security breach can put them out of business.

Leveraging Expertise for Advanced Protection

By asking, “How can my business improve cyber security?” and choosing to partner with the NWCRC, we gain access to a comprehensive suite of tools, training, and resources.

This strategic alliance bolsters our capabilities to fend off cyber threats, making our cyber security measures more robust​​.

Secure WordPress Hosting and Web Maintenance - Cyber Security

Secure WordPress Hosting and Web Maintenance

Addressing the concern, “How can my business improve cyber security?” we offer secure WordPress hosting and web maintenance packages.

These solutions are tailored to safeguard your hosting environment and website from vulnerabilities, ensuring top-notch security and performance.

Our secure WordPress Hosting and Website Maintenance packages have been developed over the decade we have been in business. They are a direct result of on-the-job learning, understanding how security breaches can occur and constantly looking at ways we can improve them.

The Role of Comprehensive Security Checklists

In our pursuit of enhanced cyber security for our business and clients, we have embraced the comprehensive security checklists provided by the National White Collar Reporting Center (NWCRC).

These detailed guidelines serve as the foundation of our cyber security strategy, enabling us to maintain a secure digital environment by addressing critical areas that directly impact our business operations.

Key aspects of these checklists include:

  • Device Security
  • Employee Transitions
  • Network Security
  • Data Protection
  • Incident Response

By adopting the NWCRC’s security checklists and implementing these measures, we aim to create a robust cyber security framework that protects our own and our client’s businesses from evolving cyber threats.

This ensures compliance with regulatory requirements and fosters a culture of cyber security awareness among employees.

The Importance of Continuous Learning - Cyber Security

The Importance of Continuous Learning

“How can my business improve cyber security?” is a question that also emphasises the need for ongoing education and adaptation.

Our participation in the NWCRC’s training and consultation services ensures our team is equipped with the latest knowledge to proactively combat cyber threats​​.

Conclusion: A Strategic Approach to Cyber Security

In seeking answers to the question “How can my business improve cyber security?” partnering with the NWCRC represents a significant commitment to cyber security excellence.

Through this collaboration, we enhance our internal defences and our offer of comprehensive services, including secure WordPress hosting and maintenance.

As we integrate NWCRC’s insights, we are better positioned to protect against cyber threats, ensuring our own and our clients’ digital assets are secure.

If you’re unsure what to do you’d like to know about how your business can improve cyber security, please get in touch, I’d love to help.

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How Can My Business Improve Cyber Security