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Meta Threads A New Social Media Platform

Meta Threads: A New Social Media Platform

If you’re looking for a more intimate and personal way to connect with your friends and family, then you should check out Meta Threads.

Ever since I first set up Myspace and LinkedIn accounts back in 2005, I’ve been fascinated with Social Media, although at the time it didn’t really have a name or an identity but I liked it.

There was something about the ability to connect with your friends online and share photos, music and memories that really appealed to me. With LinkedIn, it was the ability to connect with old colleagues you’d lost touch with.

For me, I think it sprung from a time when the internet was in its infancy, and a friend was working in New Zealand. When my son was born in 1994 we used to use an early, primitive, chat client to communicate and send pictures. It took forever over a dialup 14.4 modem connection, but the possibilities were there.

After dabbling with Friends Reunited for a brief time, I joined Facebook in 2007 and after that, Twitter in 2009. Although, in the early days, when you mentioned any of these platforms to people, whether from personal or business circles, your comments were quite often met with derision. People just didn’t get it, but right from the start, I could see the potential.

How times have changed!

Threads is a new app from Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, and is designed to be a more personal space than other social media platforms.

Threads is similar to Twitter in that it allows users to post short messages, known as “threads”, that are limited to 500 characters. However, Threads is designed to be more of a personal space than Twitter. Users can only follow their close friends and family on Threads, and their posts are only visible to those people.

This makes Threads a great way to share your thoughts and feelings with the people who matter most to you. You can use Threads to catch up with friends, share your day-to-day life, or just let your loved ones know what’s on your mind.

Threads also includes several features designed to make it a more intimate and personal platform. For example, users can share their location with their followers, and they can send each other direct messages.

If you’re looking for a social media platform that is more personal and intimate than the big names like Twitter and Facebook, then Meta Threads is worth checking out. It’s a great way to connect with your close friends and family in a more meaningful way.

How people will connect with Meta using their Instagram account:

  • Users can connect with Meta using their Instagram account. This means that they can use their existing Instagram username and password to sign up for Meta Threads.
  • Once they are connected, users can see their Instagram friends on Meta Threads. They can also follow other users on Meta Threads, even if they don’t follow them on Instagram.
  • Users can share their Instagram Stories on Meta Threads. This is a great way to share more personal content with your close friends and family.
  • Users can also post photos and videos on Meta Threads. These posts are only visible to the people you choose to follow.

By connecting with Meta using their Instagram account, users can easily share their content with their close friends and family.

If you’re a business that is looking for a way to connect with customers on a more personal level, then Meta Threads is worth checking out.

Some of the reasons why businesses might want to use Meta Threads:

  • To build relationships with customers: Threads is a great way to build relationships with customers on a more personal level. You can share behind-the-scenes content, answer questions, and offer support.
  • To promote products and services: Threads is a great way to promote products and services to a close-knit audience. You can share product updates, discounts, and new arrivals.
  • To gather feedback: Threads is a great way to gather feedback from customers. You can ask questions, run polls, and get their opinions on new products or services.

It could be a great way to build relationships, promote products and services, and gather feedback.

Some Meta Threads statistics.

These figures represent the first-day signups from each of these major social media platforms. Platforms that were said at their time of launch, would never catch on!

PlatformDay One DownloadsGlobal Mobile Phone IndustryPercentage
Twitter10 Million2.1 Billion0.47%
Instagram1 Million4.6 Billion0.22%
Snapchat1 Million5.3 Billion0.19%
TikTok6.5 Million7.9 Billion0.82%
Threads30 Million10.4 Billion2.88%
Day One Download Figures by Platform

How Meta Threads compares to Twitter:

  • Number of users: Straight off the bat Meta Threads has access to more users than Twitter, as it will be accessed via your Instagram account details. Instagram currently has around 1 Billion users worldwide, while Twitter has an account base of 450 Million, a lot of which are probably bots.
  • Reach: The reach of Meta Threads is likely to be considerably larger than Twitter, as it is integrated with Instagram. This means businesses can reach their Instagram followers on Meta Threads, and vice versa.
  • Engagement: Meta Threads is designed to be a more personal platform than Twitter, which means that users are more likely to engage with content. This is good news for businesses, as it means that their content is more likely to be seen and interacted with.
  • Measuring engagement: Businesses can use Meta Threads to measure engagement with their customers in a number of ways. For example, they can track the number of views, likes, and comments on their posts. They can also use polls and surveys to gather feedback from their customers.

By measuring engagement, businesses can get a better understanding of what their customers are interested in and what they want. This information can be used to improve their products and services and to create more targeted marketing campaigns.

Overall, Meta Threads is a promising new platform for businesses. It offers a number of advantages over Twitter, including a smaller number of users, a larger reach, and more engagement.

If your businesses would like help with set-up, navigation or ideas for integrating Meta Threads into your digital marketing strategy, please get in touch.

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Meta Threads A New Social Media Platform